Asphalt Overlay in Austin, TX

An asphalt overlay involves adding a new layer of asphalt on top of the existing base layer. This additional layer, typically 1.5 to 3 inches thick, can extend the lifespan of driveways, parking lots, or roads, as long as the base is in good condition. This overlay can greatly increase the lifespan of your paved surfaces.

Pana Paving offers asphalt overlay services in Austin, Round Rock, San Marcos, Hutto, Belton, and other cities throughout Central Texas. Our goal is to restore the uneven, rough, surface to its previous smooth condition. With us, you'll enjoy better ride quality, reduced noise, and lower maintenance costs. Contact us at 512-764-5070 or click here for details.

Benefits of Asphalt Overlay by Pana Paving

At Pana Paving, our team comprises highly skilled and experienced professionals in both concrete and asphalt paving services. Nevertheless, our asphalt overlay service provides numerous benefits:

Professional asphalt overlay services for enhanced road quality.
  • Cost-Effective: Asphalt overlay is a cost-effective option, avoiding extensive excavation, material disposal, and new pavement construction. This makes it ideal for budget-conscious projects.
  • Time-Efficient: Overlay is quicker than full reconstruction, involving surface preparation, asphalt application, and curing. This minimizes disruptions to traffic and business operations.
  • Preserves Existing Pavement Structure: Overlay preserves underlying layers like base and subbase, saving costs and maintaining the pavement's structural integrity.
  • Improved Aesthetics: Overlays enhance the appearance of a fresh, smooth, and appealing pavement surface, renewing the look of roads, parking lots, and other areas.
  • Surface Restoration: Overlay hides cracks, potholes, and surface defects, enhancing ride quality and safety for vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Extends Pavement Life: Overlay extends pavement lifespan, preventing extensive repairs or reconstruction. The new asphalt layer provides added protection, preserving pavement and increasing durability.

Choose Pana Paving for Asphalt Overlay Service

You can use an asphalt overlay if your asphalt is cracked beyond the point where crack sealing or patches will work. This way, you can avoid expensive removal and replacement. An asphalt overlay is a viable and practical alternative. Choose our specialized asphalt overlay service to effectively address significant cracks and deterioration without full reconstruction. We also offer assistance with asphalt crack repair, seal coating, parking lot striping, and more. Dial 512-764-5070 or click here to receive our services.

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PanaPaving is an exceptional pavement company that provides top-notch paving services for commercial clients. From the moment I contacted their team, I was impressed by their professionalism and dedication to ensuring that my needs were met. Their...

Austin, TX

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Very professional and reliable services. I highly recommend Pana Paving for your services. The crew was very prompt, efficient, and highly professional. The prices were very reasonable and affordable. I will be using Pana Paving for my 3 other rental...

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This company is definitely delivers what they promise. I called asking for a quote for one of my commercial properties and they picked up the phone which is rare for a contractor, they came out the next day and provided me with a very professional es...

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