Asphalt Paving Process in Austin, TX

With over 30 years of expertise, Pana Paving offers exceptional asphalt paving services to residents and businesses in Austin, San Marcos, Hutto, Round Rock, and other Central Texas cities. We specialize in installing new asphalt surfaces for parking lots, driveways, and private roads, along with reliable repairs for existing asphalt surfaces.

Our specialists follow a specialized asphalt paving process to provide our clients with the best possible installation service. Whenever you need our assistance, just give us a call at 512-764-5070 or click here for additional information.

Pana Paving’s Asphalt Paving Process

At Pana Paving, our certified technicians are highly skilled and deliver superior asphalt surfaces. Our asphalt paving process includes the following steps:

Worker paving asphalt road
  • Design the surface: We determine the desired layout and specifications for the asphalt surface considering factors such as traffic volume and usage.
  • Demolition and Removal: If there is an existing pavement or surface, we remove and clear it to prepare for the new asphalt installation.
  • Grading and Sloping: We garde and slop the subgrade to ensure proper drainage and a level surface for the asphalt.
  • Prepare the Sub-Base: A stable sub-base is crucial for the durability of the asphalt surface. We prepare and compact the underlying layers, such as aggregate or soil, to provide a solid foundation.
  • Binder and Surface Course: We build asphalt pavement with multiple layers. The binder course is the first layer, followed by the surface course, which provides the final polished appearance.
  • Install New Asphalt Surface: We spread the asphalt mixture evenly on the sub-base and compact it with rollers for density and smoothness.
  • Butt Joints and Transitions: We create proper joints and transitions to seamlessly connect new asphalt with existing pavement or different sections of asphalt.
  • Stripping: Lastly, we add necessary road surface markings and rumble strips to roadways that need them.

We follow the aforementioned steps thoroughly to ensure a successful outcome and satisfy our customers.

Rely on Us for Your Asphalt Paving Needs

At Pana Paving, we create smooth, even, and bump-free asphalt surfaces for our clients. Whether you need walkways, driveways, patios, or parking lots, rely on our extraordinary asphalt paving services. We also assist with asphalt crack repair, concrete repair, seal coating, and more. Just dial 512-764-5070 to schedule a service or click here for more information.

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PanaPaving is an exceptional pavement company that provides top-notch paving services for commercial clients. From the moment I contacted their team, I was impressed by their professionalism and dedication to ensuring that my needs were met. Their...

Austin, TX

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Very professional and reliable services. I highly recommend Pana Paving for your services. The crew was very prompt, efficient, and highly professional. The prices were very reasonable and affordable. I will be using Pana Paving for my 3 other rental...

Pflugerville, TX

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This company is definitely delivers what they promise. I called asking for a quote for one of my commercial properties and they picked up the phone which is rare for a contractor, they came out the next day and provided me with a very professional es...

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